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    the question EVERYBODY has been asking themselves: "Which team am I apart of?"

    well GOLLY PAL, here's a quick quiz to see which team you should be in!

    QUESTION 1: How do you react when somebody spreads a rumor about you?

    A) beat them up (11 points)

    B) talk to them about it (5 points)

    C) do everything in your power to make sure people stop spreading it (7 points)

    D) stop caring (6 points)

    QUESTION 2: Which Animal Crossing character do you relate to the most?

    A) Isabelle (10 points)

    B) Dr. Shrunk (2 points)

    C) Mabel (8 points)

    D) other (6 points)

    E) i dont play animal crossing (1 point)

    QUESTION 3: How do you say the plural of moose?

    A) Moose (3 points)

    B) Meese (13 points)

    C) Mice (6 points)

    D) Mooses (5 points)

    E) Moosi (7 points)

    QUESTION 4: A person with a na…

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